“Parents Also Appreciate Teachers” Drive

To carry on Hong Kong’s cultural tradition and provide students with a good model of “honouring our teachers and respecting their teaching”, the Education Bureau, the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, HKEdCity and Sing Tao Daily has joined hands again in organizing the 27th Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive. Parents can express their heartfelt gratitude towards their children’s teachers by sending them the ‘Appreciation Cards for Teachers’. Our hearts are warmed by all the thank you cards we have received from our parents. Here are just some of the lovely words our parents have shared about our teachers:

Ms. Nana

「感謝您悉心教導每一位小朋友,以生動互動的方法提升學生的學習興趣。素熒在家不時用普通話唱歌,我們相信這都是您的功勞,是您的教學成果的證明。 」- Sue’s parents

“Thank you for teaching Audrey Chinese/Mandarin & making the lessons so fun to her! I can tell she loves having your lessons & shows gradual improvement! ” – Audrey’s parents

「感謝您教導溫懿和溫皓。很欣賞你的教學熱誠,細心和專業。讓孩子們愉快地學習,衷心感謝!」- Daniel 及 Valerie’s parents

“Thank you for being so enthusiastic with the kids. The positive vibes you create in the classroom helps the little students enjoy learning and provides them a happy memory in their childhood. Thank you!” – Sue’s Parents

“Thank you for warm smile and endless energy, especially during the “Zoom” lessons. Willem enjoyed singing and dancing along and even teaches us things he learned at school! ” – Willem’s parents

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher! Harriet would come home and pretend to be a teacher teaching mommy this & that everyday after school, just like how you have taught her!” – Harriet’s parents

Ms. Mandy

Ms. Divya

“Thank you for teaching my son very important things not only English but also social life with friends. He is growing up to be a child. He loves friends and teachers. ” – Sozo’s parents

“Thank you for putting all your effort to make this year as enjoyable as possible. Thanks for the guidance and kindness. ” – Yera’s parents

“Thank you for being the class teacher of Yannie, thanks for your kindness and love. ” – Yannie’s parents

“Thank you for always being here for the students and parents. Under your leadership, DE is a happy and safe place for own kids to grow. I am thankful to have sent Sue to DE as her first school.” – Sue’s parents

“Thank you for raising children affectionately. I’m glad I chose this kindergarten from the bottom of my heart. My son is so full of school life.” – Sozo’s parents

“Thank you for caring Audrey & remembering every single detail of her (e.g., Snack, potty training). I feel grateful to have you as Audrey’s teacher & principal! ” – Audrey’s parents

Principal Sharon