Summer Programme 2023
DE 2023-24 admission
Playgroup & English & PTH Interest Classes
PN Class 22-23
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David Exodus 歡迎您!




“Thank you for always being here for the students and parents. Under your leadership, DE is a happy and safe place for own kids to grow. I am thankful to have sent Sue to DE as her first school.” – Sue’s parents

「感謝您悉心教導每一位小朋友,以生動互動的方法提升學生的學習興趣。素熒在家不時用普通話唱歌,我們相信這都是您的功勞,是您的教學成果的證明。 」- Sue 家長

「感謝您教導溫懿和溫皓。很欣賞你的教學熱誠,細心和專業。讓孩子們愉快地學習,衷心感謝!」- Daniel and Valerie 家長

“Thank you for teaching Audrey Chinese/Mandarin & making the lessons so fun to her! I can tell she loves having your lessons & shows gradual improvement! ” – Audrey 家長


Lily Hong


Hey, wel-come you all! 

On this brand new day. 

Let’s make a- d- ference to the world,

to-ge-ther in this lo-ving place